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London Airport – World’s Sixth Busiest Airport

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One of the busiest airports in the world, the London Airport is also known as the London Heathrow Airport. There are passenger flights from all parts of the world to London and as a result various terminals have many flights on a daily basis. The airport is one of the best in terms of infrastructures and the services and facilities which are provided to the passengers. There are many amenities and facilities which are made available for the passengers at the airport. It has also won a number of awards and distinctions for its world class facilities and services.

London Airport Used By Many Airlines

The airport is used by over 80 airlines from all over the world which fly to more than 180 destinations across 85 nations of the world. London Airport has world-class facilities and amenities for the passengers which includes the excellent waiting rooms which are equipped with all kinds of modern services and facilities for the tourists.

The airport also has many lounges which have world class features and equipped with all kinds of luxurious amenities for the passengers. The London Airport baggage rules by the different airlines are also one of the best as they allow passengers to carry both checked in and hand luggage.

Online services by London Airport

There are a number of services and facilities which the airport has made available online for the passengers. London Airport has its own website and provides information on the various flights like London Airport flight status, flight timings and flight schedule of the various airlines.

The airport also has financial services in form of ATMs for the passengers, currency exchange facilities available and also ticket booking and travel help desk for the international tourists. The immigration and the customs section of the airport is also very good at the arrivals of the airport.

London Airport Amenities and Facilities for the Passengers

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The other services and amenities which are available at the airport include the world class restaurants and food chains. These are good places at the London Airport to enjoy some food while waiting for the flights.

There are also many café shops which are located at the airport for the passengers. Passengers can also do some duty free shopping at various shops which are available at the airport. The directions to these shops can be seen from London Airport guide that are available at the terminals for the help and queries of the passengers.

The airport is very well connected with other parts of the city through metro train and other transport system like buses and taxis. The metro station is located underground at the terminal of the airport. There are many other regular buses and taxis which ply on the roads at from the airport to other parts of the city. Heathrow Express a non-stop train service to the Paddington station of London every 15 minutes from Terminal 5 of the airport. The inter terminal transport at the airport is also good as most terminals are within walking distance from each other. Passengers travelling between terminal 4 and 5 can use Heathrow Express train.